Sunday, March 15, 2015



The sixty-seven year old journalist and award-winning author of the International bestselling gay novel The Wanting Hour, was found unresponsive in his apartment early Christmas morning by his next-door neighbor Mrs. Evelyn Brando.

Mrs. Brando discovered the body while delivering her annual tray of Christmastime sugar cookies.

For over thirty years, Mr. Flynn has resided in a fourth floor walk-up, one-bedroom flat located in the heart of Greenwich Village on the corner of Grove and Hudson, and is warmly regarded by his neighbors as a local "literati" treasure.

The elderly author was last seen on Christmas Eve, enjoying a seasonal cocktail at a local watering hole, Marie’s Crisis, just a stone’s throw away from his residential building.

Detectives from the Sixth Precinct are currently investigating the case and cause of Mr. Flynn’s death.

Mr. Flynn has no immediate family.  

~ The last thing Ellery Flynn expected to encounter on the eve of his own death is a twenty-five year old transient named Chance. What one magical evening conjures up between the two of them -- an aging "has-been" author and a young Midwestern stud -- will alter the course of their lives forever. What unfolds ... is a healing journey of transformation, invoking the aberrant history of a bittersweet past, a lifelong fight to belong, and an endless quest for self-acceptance and love.

It’s never too late for an awakening … 

The Queer Diaries
Book 1

Excerpt coming Memorial Day 2015

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