Friday, June 29, 2018



The sixty-seven year old author -- best known for penning the International bestselling gay novel The Wanting Hour -- was found dead in his apartment early Christmas morning. His next-door neighbor, Mrs. Evelyn Brando, discovered Mr. Flynn’s body while delivering her annual tray of Christmastime sugar cookies.

For over thirty years, Mr. Flynn had resided in the one-bedroom, fourth floor walk-up, located on the corner of Grove and Hudson Street in the heart of Greenwich Village. The downtown community gravely mourns the loss of Mr. Flynn, warmly regarding him as their resident, literati treasure.

He was last seen enjoying a seasonal cocktail at Marie’s Crisis, a local watering hole only a stone’s throw away from his residential building.

Detectives from the Sixth Precinct are currently investigating the cause of Mr. Flynn’s death.

Mr. Flynn has no immediate family.

RIP Ellery William Flynn.

~ If our life actually does flash before our eyes when we die, then Ellery William Flynn’s deathbed is a joyful testament to the age-old adage. Who would have imagined so much history could be reminisced in one enchanted evening, especially on Christmas Eve? With the added assistance of a few imaginary friends, Ellery dies peacefully in his bed and transcends this earthly plane. What he leaves behind is a legacy of the written word, a proud journal of the gay and lesbian community, and a searing tribute to a life well documented and bravely lived. 

It’s never too late for an awakening…