Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The portrayal; description: the actor's characterization of a (Oh, Geez, really?) a politician. The act of characterizing! The creation and convincing representation of fictitious characters. I drove to the beach today, one to get my tail light fixed, and to have lunch at Hillstone on Wilshire. I LOVE the beach and today was stellar. Tranquil, calm, inviting... on my way back, negotiating the frenzied gridlock of Pico Blvd., I thought about characterization and how much easier it is for me to write female characters... than male. WOW!!! That took the testosterone titers to an all-time LOW level! Here I am, obviously a male and my writing comes easier when I'm working with a female protagonist. I can inject the muscle, the sensitivity, the flirtation without a hitch. Men, on the other hand... I push, shove and squeeze any semblance of masculine order... and when I rewrite the material... it feels that way. It is that way. Tonight I had the great surprise of having a review on GOODREADS where JENN (thank you) from Canada states the exact same thing. She felt uncomfortable that a MALE was writing the female protagonist (in first person no less) from A PERFECT HUSBAND, and then she congratulated me. I made a WOMAN believe the feelings of a disenfranchised, bitter divorce believable. CHARACTERIZATION! But, more than that... I honestly could feel those feelings. I wasn't making it up... fictionalizing! So, what does that make me??? God only knows! Keep writing... keep finding YOU in YOUR writing and obviously... keep creating!!!
Good night!

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