Monday, February 6, 2012

SOLITUDE... ENCOUNTER rewrite, page 128...

I am a victim of structure. I work better when challenged, multitasking, under pressure, working within a deadline, bringing calm where once chaos played havoc. Ask me to perform, I will gladly be your circus seal, ready to jump through hoops of any height, shape or size... just don't forget to praise me. My life up till now has been a living testament to the subtle nuances (that word, again) of this rigid, strict, relentless program. Ask Sami Saxton, my strong and resilient female protagonist in A Perfect Husband. Now, I face a different conundrum. (THAT work, again!) I am relaxing into my unstructured Life. It is taking some adjustment. I am not used to having the freedom of time, constantly cramming in my two hours of writing each morning before rushing to the gym or my walk or to a job that demands I marry it! And rightly so, I performed my seal tricks well! From where there was once NO time... suddenly there is ONLY time. I catch myself checking my cell phone. A nervous tick. I look for messages, a life vest from the outside that there is a world out there besides me, my characters... and me. I am finding the slippery world of solitude, and in discovering it... rediscovering ME!!!
Keep writing... keep creating!

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