Thursday, March 1, 2012

ENCOUNTER REWRITE pg. 273 or 459

The daily rewrite goes well. The pages I read aloud until my throat gets hoarse. My focus the last couple of days has been on the sales of A Perfect Husband. My concern, now, having created some buzz with good reviews and a positive Kirkus is having the correct platform to lead traffic to my book and then, once there, securing the purchase. Not having a traditional publisher, my brand name has to be focused on daily. Three times a day, in fact.  (And, I understand even authors signed to traditional publishers must maintain their brand...themselves.) But, the platform is there for them. There is a clout associated with being an author signed to a major publishing house. I have no problem paying 25 dollars for a hardback book, or an eBook for half that price if the author is a brand name. Even new authors building their brand, which I read constantly, I pay top dollar for. The BRAND/AUTHOR is publicized by being with the publisher. The publisher is the BRAND. Their books get spotlighted on AMAZON, or BARNES & NOBLE. Their books receive advance praise from notable magazines, periodicals and literary columns that drive advance sales. Their books get put on shelves in a multitude of bookstores (what's left of them, anyway) across the country. My novel is that in between book... I'm not really competing with those books, yet, but I am competing for sales with the self published. Those strong, resilient writers who, by choice are leaving the competitive waters of publishing and doing it for themselves. And...winning at the game. More and more independent writers are ending up on the New York Times bestseller list because of their endurance and tenacity. And most for less than a buck! My book sells for $4.99. What a steal? Right? Until you notice most of the books being read and BOUGHT in my genre are selling for less than $2.99. Some for as low as a dollar. Some... FREE!!! So, I build my BRAND the slow way, building relationships with each blog writer, each reader and anybody who will follow me on TWEETER.
Keep writing and keep creating!

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