Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ENCOUNTER REWRITE pg. 327 of 462 Maturity in writing!

There came a moment while doing the rewrite on ENCOUNTER when I realized this rewrite was NOT the last rewrite. It was hubris. Folly! Of course, I knew I would be taking several more passes at the manuscript before freezing it, sending it to an editor for corrections and then sending the manuscript (sorry, WORD DOC) to my agent. BUT, there was that little bit of magical thinking, that tiny voice that prevailed. I don't know about you, but I am -- hands down --  into instant gratification. This personality trait gets me into trouble. That and the magical thinking part can catapult me into a heap of pain, quickly. It's been a difficult process for me to learn how to nuture my writing, take my time, cultivate the words, reread the sentences... find the poetry... the characters. I am always so eager for approval, attention and... love that I forget my adult professionalism. I forget I am an adult! I suppose the difference is maturity. Maturity has allowed me the benefits of sustaining the pleasurable aspects of my writing while using DISCIPLINE to ground me. I know I have work to do, so I do it. Whereas, before my petulant little boy wanted to stomp my feet and be done with I linger... There is a long road to travel before ENCOUNTER is ready for eyes to read... But, I see this as a positive. It means my Life has developed, matured, and grown into an adult artist versus the child showoff constantly wanting positive feedback and admiration. Let me know if this is true for you??? I enjoy the feedback.
Keep writing... keep creating!

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