Monday, January 9, 2012


I received a questionnaire from my publisher today regarding the cover art for my soon to be published novel... A PERFECT HUSBAND!  Do I need to say, YELL... HOLLA... how ecstatic I was??? I've been registering my emotions after exiting my position at a prominent hotel in the City, questioning the structure in my Life, how important the day-to-day jostling of hours and creative time kept me focused, alert... working! Not that I don't work now, I do. In fact today I logged anther twenty chapters, on my way to sending the completed edit back tomorrow... BUT, I have never known a Life without work, a Life without balance, a Life without STRUCTURE...I thought my existence would be different with out the boundaries of a ten hour work day... surprise!!! It will take some time to adjust. I AM READY!!!  Peace! Love! Keep creating!

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