Tuesday, January 24, 2012

E-books, Kindle and the romantic association with a hard cover book!

Yesterday, after a full day of rewriting I rewarded myself with lunch at one of my favorite spots, GULF STREAM in Century City. It is true that Houston's, or should I say Hillstone's closed quite a while ago, which left a deep loss in my gut. I was forlorn and melancholy, a huge loss since I would go to the mall during the week (weekends are the pits for parking) and have a leisurely lunch at Houston's then go see a movie, or visa versa... anyway, after a wonderful lunch at Gulf Stream I headed to the Landmark Cinemas at Pico and Westwood to watch La Bella. Unfortunately, it wasn't playing so I thought I'd go to Barnes & Noble to stall some time, peruse some books... CLOSED!! What??? There was a feeling of... okay... Douglas you're an author, a writer, an E-book person, why does this affect you so strongly?  And, I guess it's the 'old school' in me. That hard back edition is the coveted book for me. Soon, there  won't be bookstores selling books anywhere. Then I'll consider myself fortunate for beginning my writing career in E-book publishing. I am truly sorry about B&N closing. I loved that store. Now, where do I go? I recently bought a Kindle in Portland (no tax, 20% off at Office Depot). Anyway, I, who thought I would never appreciate nothing except a HARD back lopped on my lap have converted. I LOVE IT!! I am currently reading STATE OF WONDER by Ann Pratchet and the book is, undoubtedly beautiful in its writing and context, but above all else, it is there, in front of me, in a font I chose, ready when I am... sort of plug and play. By the way, due to all the closures of big, conglomerate bookstores, Miss Patchet is opening her own bookstore... Yes. I love that. Anyway, i can't advocate the graces of technology any longer. Do yourself a favor, go out and grab yourself a Kindle, a Nook, an IPAD and see what I'm writing about. Let me know. Otherwise... it's your life... keep writing, keep creating!

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