Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today, I finished reading the first draft of ENCOUNTER. As I walked along the manicured lawns of Hancock Park, I thought about theme, the central subject that resonated in the work. It wasn't a surprise. I had come upon it while immersed in writing the first draft months ago. In fact, at that point, I celebrated! It gave the novel a foundation, a dramatic pulse, a sturdy fuel. At the core of my characters was a truth... each one was acting out their lives in escapism, distraction, compulsion and/or addiction. Whether it was lovely Rhonda from Chicago, dutifully devoted to her pristine life with children and husband, or Master D., the body builder gym rat using steroids and narcotics to dull the roar from his past, or the splintering of a personality to such a breaking point that a psychopathic killer was unleashed upon the City of San Francisco... it became their painful truth. And I, the ready recorder of it! ENCOUNTER!
Cover art from A PERFECT HUSBAND arrived yesterday. I sent my suggestions back to the publisher... it feels as if the book will be launched soon. Fingers crossed!
Keep writing... keep creating!

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