Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Back from a relaxing weekend in Portland, catching up with friends, enjoying (kind of) the cold, wet winter of the Pacific Northeast! Ah, the Alpine's... then back to Southern California for a wonderful, relaxing day in Santa Monica at a spa overlooking the ocean. My post birthday treat to myself. Today, up early, a bit apprehensive at the looming job ahead of me. A large, white box filled with 423 pages of manuscript sits at the base of my desk. It has sat there for almost a month now, awaiting my return. The rewrite!  Now, the work begins. First, a quick read through. Not one to read the pages as I write, I tend to be a 'go to the end' sort of storyteller. I want to keep the pace, continuity of character and follow my hunches as I amble steadfastly toward the denouement. Afterwards, I go through the manuscript with a fine toothed comb, adding the 'magic,' as I call it. So, today I started reading, aloud, the words, the pages, the story. After reading 128 pages, I decided to go on my walk. I am ecstatic. The book has a strong start. Of course, there will be changes, development, additions. But all-n-all, it WORKS. Details come to mind as I walk. Minute observations that will be added when I go back to the computer. Today, I celebrate. It makes me look forward to tomorrow...
Keep writing... keep creating!

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