Monday, January 23, 2012


I spent my Sunday in Palm Springs, a pleasant retreat from the cold, snowy weather I'd encountered last weekend in Portland. I enjoyed lazy time with my adopted family, rested by their pool, took a nap in the afternoon sunshine and relaxed. Returning home late last evening, I checked my emails (an unnerving, neurotic habit I acquired from my past work position) and received a message from my publisher with new cover art attached. Of course, I immediately opened it! And, instantaneously, I knew the new art was the right fit. While doing the edits on A Perfect Husband, I realized my book wasn't the grisly, hacker, serial killer thriller of that genre, but more, a coming of age story about my main character, Sami. The new cover represented that... a bit literary with an intriguing title. Hopefully, buyers will be interested enough to enter into the world of Sami Saxton and discover the small township of Montague, New Jersey and be swept up in an absorbing mystery. A 'cozy thriller' as I like to call it. Whew! Now, I must ramble a bit about my existence as a full time writer. I LOVE IT! My days whiz by, the hours fly. I start early, most mornings by 6 AM and by the time I look at the clock it's already 2 in the afternoon. It's a daily agenda. I write every day. There is NO exception. Doing the rewrites on Encounter has taught me the arduous task of rewriting. When I began the novel in September I wrote everyday, a chapter each morning, no matter what. The pages got printed after each session and were deposited into a white, cardboard box. I would watch the pages materialize, the stack getting wider, the fold growing. It fueled the process. Some days I would create two pages, other days, ten. It didn't matter. I went to the end, printed them out, and then left the computer. Now, the pages take time. Last Thursday, I spent six hours on four pages. And, when I went back to it on Friday morning, I worked on the same pages another two hours. Even today, I read aloud the opening chapter and made slight adjustments, changes. So, the lesson in this... REWRITES take time. Give yourself the JOY of living your dream. Don't hurry the creative process. Nurture it! Finally, I can take the time I need to realize the words, my words, my characters, the coming together of plots, action and setting without the hurried glances at clocks, places to be, somewhere to go with people expecting me on time and in uniform... Ahhh!
Keep writing... keep creating!!
I attached the cover art page to A Perfect Husband. I would love some constructive feedback!

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